Maria DOST

Berlin, Allemagne



[email protected]



I was born in Leipzig and grow up in East - Germany. When the wall came down I could start to explore the world, the field of work I always was longing for.

For many years I have been working as a freelancer for theatre and film productions.

A main part of my movie work was organizing castings and being part in the production department. 

In a time of silence I started my walks in Berlin with my camera and photography became my passion. 

Photography became my language in translating my thoughts into a vision. I love to document and read through my eyes the thoughts of others sharing my vision as part of a dialog. 

Since 2011 I work in different photography projects, always being in contact with different cultures.So I have been traveling to Pakistan, China and througout Europe, creating my reportages and writing my visual poems. It is also important for me to share my thoughts of vision, doing workshops or working together with others, creating projects in writing and documentation.