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In Iran life, death and prayer are interconnected and define the time and space of everyday life.Public life is a reaction to moral strictness, imposed by the State, while the private sphere represents the natural attitude of the Persian character.In some way, life splits into fiction and authenticity: once you step through the doorway, everything can change… gravity becomes warmth and irony, tears become smiles, and a sip of vodka (from Turkmenistan), drunk in great secrecy, smells of freedom.Faith is everywhere, its mark is sewn into this country’s flag. Faith is pathos and pain, and at the same time an obvious mise en scène. Faith is a tool of control for the powerful and intimate shelter for enlightened souls.The only music that’s allowed in Iran is the bitter moaning of crying: crying for the martyrdom of Karbalā’, for the victims that the war against Iraq delivered to every family, crying because suffering is imposed as the only way towards purification. The goal of censorship is to entrap people in a state of infancy without allowing them to grow up, forgetting, however, that infancy carries an energy which is difficult to contain.
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