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Afham - understanding

Using the title of the exhibition to speak about my series.

Understanding - in listening, in meeting, in speaking, in seeing
walking through the streets of Lahore, Islamabad and Karachi , walking through the streets of a country we hardly know about.

Pakistan known as a country of terrorism, of war - I decided to see the other side, to feel into the country to meet the people. On each journey to Pakistan I met the people in their daily life in different situations. As soon I entered the streets i felt in love, the smell, the touch, the sound - the beauty of the people. Experiencing so different experiences - meeting smiles - meeting tears - meeting the pain of daily struggle .

My main emotions when I think of the people - I feel a warm welcoming - the smiles remain in my heart making me writing the poetry in seeing to speak about the people I met on my way.
faithyou and mebroken stagetowards youwhite tearsthe sea inside mehopeno fearsfinding tomorrowsilence in between